Using LinkedIn for Students – Get Internships

So the season for finding an internship is nearly over, but I wanted to post this now so everyone can use it for next Fall’s recruiting season.

Last year, I had the delightful experience of hiring my first marketing intern. Quite a few students were very interesting on paper, but did not back this up with a web presence. When I asked for “social media” or “blogging experience,” I was expecting an example or two. You don’t have to have 50,000 followers! Just show a presence and understanding of how it works.

The unfortunate part was that so many students were not leveraging LinkedIn effectively. The few who found my job posting did not engage with me effectively. This was surprising. Everyone tells me that the younger set are all on social and really great marketers. This is simply not true.

Since it is so easy to present the right image on the web for your career, so I decided to share my experiences building up my profile. This deck goes through very specific things one can do to improve your visibility, credibility, and contacts in just a short Saturday morning.

Here are a few key steps you can take right now:

  1. Add a High quality photo.
  2.  Change your headline to reflect your target job or expertise.
  3. Create a custom name URL to your profile.
  4. Write a great summary with target job keywords.
  5. Update relevant job list with successes or a narrative – this is not a resume so be complementary and interesting.
  6. Join Groups where your hiring managers will hang out.
  7. Ask great questions on Groups.

As a student, you have a unique opportunity to start with a relatively blank slate and to demonstrate a hunger for your chosen area. Here is a great example of social media expert, David Meerman Scott, discussing how his daughter used social and blogging to increase her chances of getting into the Ivy League:

You can do this too. Check it out:


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